Sahar - 4 days ago at 14/Jan/2021
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قرار من المجلس العلمي لطب الأسرة بشأن ترقية المتدربين

قرار المجلس العلمي - Click to see PDF  

Sahar - 2 months ago at 14/Nov/2020
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If you missed the first “Tuwaiq Summit Evening” you can watch it now

لمن فاته اللقاء نضعه الان بين أيديكم استمتعوا ∼

Sahar - 3 months ago at 29/Oct/2020
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Good luck to all the residents starting this year

We wish all the best to the residents starting their year on the 1st of November 2020. According to the guideline of SCFHS, this year the residents will start their new level on this date, except the junior residents who already started their program on 1st October 2020. نتمنى كل…

Sahar - 3 months ago at 29/Oct/2020
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Looking to improve your X-ray interpretation skill?

Coming soon November 21&22 (6-9)pm

Sahar - 3 months ago at 20/Oct/2020
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Worried about SOE?!